In Celebration of Entrepreneurship Month, as Dcon Consulting we decided what better way to commemorate this month if not by including the women who are entrepreneurs.

Times are changing and the rate in which the count of female founders’ increases daily is amazing. Today, there are some truly inspirational examples of highly successful women entrepreneurs in Africa who are proving it is possible to build significant businesses, often in male-dominated industry sectors. This is a perfect topic choice as our very own Director is female and is doing amazing things.

In any fast-growing economy you will find that there is a woman at the core of operations. This proves that women entrepreneurs are in fact important and are engines for economic growth. This then pushes that it is a great time to be women entrepreneurs in Africa, because with increasing socio-economic challenges, the continent has never needed them to succeed more than now. All women can do is take advantage of such opportunities and continue re-inventing themselves with the end goal being spotlighting gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Once women have seats at important tables it can then aid fuel discussions around empowering women through entrepreneurship and education. This will also highlight the importance of women leaders in Government and higher departments.

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report on Women’s Entrepreneurship showed that approximately 252 million women around the world are entrepreneurs and another 153 million women are operating established businesses. This can tell you two things, Woman can, and woman have. It has been proven possible and with the numbers suggesting that there is still room for more women entrepreneurs, therefore, start today.

Small businesses and ambitious enterprises are at the heart of every industry. Not only do they immensely contribute to the overall revenue of a country, but they also have a beneficial effect on the workers themselves. Now you know what is said about humble beginnings and the importance of starting small. It makes all the difference and that is where we find the unveiling of most businesswomen. Also, employees who decide to make the switch and become independent employers feel more fulfilled and motivated to work. So, if you have that idea and plan start implementing it now.

Young entrepreneurs are mostly concerned about the risks that come with new businesses, including funding, staff, and success rate, however, you are advised by the experienced to learn and correct as you move. As usual the odds have been against women, but now times are better for women to be intentional with their place in the world because for every 10 male entrepreneurs, there are 7 female entrepreneurs. The stats does not look too bad for the gap to be bridged, all that is missing is for you to bring your idea to life.

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